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The Sundogs software is a small independent game development studio based in Spain. It born in 2016 when two old friends.... Besides making computer games and apps, the studio has also created videos, websites, animated works, and illustrations, and has done production design as well..
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11-08 2017

Newest applications

  • Gaia Invaders

    Alternative past, World War 2. It's been 40 years since Aliens are kicked from the ground. But the time has come for revenge and to intervene in the human action that is endangering life on the planet. Free the planet from its real invaders.

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  • 11:11-Synchronicity Application

    How many times your eyes focused on the display of clocks, license plates, billboards, cash registers reading on time 11:11, 17:17, 22:22, 333, 555? If you are wondering if there is an explanation for all this, the answer is YES.

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